Psalm 81

Pastor Toni: God Speaks to Us – August 2021

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God Speaks to Us

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This psalm highlights God’s speaking and our hearing. It is another example of how Asaph draws from Israel’s history, particularly their deliverance from Egypt and their testing in the wilderness, to recall how God spoke or revealed himself to his people.

These are good reminders for us today. God spoke to them through divine acts of redemption and rescue. God declares, “In your distress you called, and I rescued you” (v. 7).

This psalm teaches us three ways God speaks to us. First, God speaks to us through his actions. God acts to save and to redeem us.

The second way God speaks to us is through testing and trials. Israel was led from the joyous victory of the Red Sea to the difficult testing at the “waters of Meribah” (v. 7). We need to recognize his voice during our own difficult times.

The third way God speaks to us is through the revelation of his Word. This psalm recalls one of the Ten Commandments that came down from Mount Sinai: “You shall have no foreign god among you” (v. 9;). This is one of many examples where God’s law from the Old Testament is brought into the Psalms as an act of worship. This helps to enliven God’s Word for us and to bind it to our hearts. God speaks to us through his Word and the revelation of his plan for us. The psalm ends with a strong exhortation for us to listen and pay close attention to all the ways God speaks to us.

Are you listening to God’s voice today? Have you taken the time to thank him for the many ways he has rescued you? If you are going through various trials, ask God to help you to hear his voice during the trial.

Finally, spend time in his Word every day; for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God!

Peace & Joy,
Pastor Toni