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Bible Study: What Good News Looks Like

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How is God at work in the world today? In this study, we reflect on God’s commitment to renew the world, starting with the places that need it most. God’s on a mission to restore, and we are called to join him. What does that look like? Listen to the message, watch the video, open your Bible, and interact with the questions below.

Bible Study: What Good News Looks Like

Listen to Dr. Tim’s message.

Audio Message Question

How did Dr. Tim’s message challenge or encourage you today?

Next, watch the Isaiah Part 2 video below.

Questions for Reflection

Video Question

What image stood out to you in the video and why?


Isaiah 61:1-11
Luke 4:16-22

Jesus read from Isaiah 61 to describe what it looks like when the good news of his Kingdom is at work in the world. The ignored are honored, the poor are fed, and the sick receive care. These are the kind of things that happen wherever followers of Jesus honor him as King.

Feel free to focus on just a few reflections right now or meditate all throughout the week by focusing on one reflection per day.

Reflection 1

Where do you think renewal is most needed in your part of the world?

Reflection 2

Imagine God’s Kingdom bringing renewal to that situation. What do you think it would look like?

Reflection 3

You and your community can partner with Jesus to revive this situation. Let’s move forward together, remembering that small steps are significant. No matter how small, what’s one specific step you can take today to bring renewal?

Question 4

In Luke 4:16-22, we learn that after Jesus finished reading Isaiah 61 in the synagogue, he said, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” From what you’ve learned about Jesus so far, how does his life match the description of the Messiah in Isaiah 61?

Question 5

Review the first three verses of today’s passage. What are the specific actions the Messiah is anointed to do in the world? How could each of those actions practically impact your community today? List some specific examples.

Question 6

Notice that those who receive the Messiah’s restorative help (Isaiah 61:1-3a) become the people who help to restore others (Isaiah 61:3b-4). How have you been restored by Jesus and how are you passing that restoration on to others?

Question 7

Turn your reflections into a prayer. Express your gratitude for what Jesus came to do. Invite his restoring work into your life and community, and ask for renewed trust and courage to cooperate with him.

Bible Study: What Good News Looks Like