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Bible Study: How God Replies to Job’s Suffering

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What do we need to remember in the midst of our suffering?

Bible Study: How God Replies to Job’s Suffering

Reflection Questions

God created the whole universe. He cares for creation in ways that stretch far beyond our comprehension. We might not understand why we suffer, but we can know that we are not alone in our suffering. God knows the pain we feel. He feels it too. So when our pain doesn’t make sense and it’s so intense that we can barely see beyond it, we can trust that God is at work limiting chaos and giving life.

Reflection 1

What is one area of suffering you see in your life or in the world? Take some time now to tell God how you feel about it. He hears you.

Reflection 2

Ask God for understanding. How might he be working to limit the chaos in that painful situation? What comes to mind as you listen for his wisdom?

Reflection 3

Ask God for understanding. How might he be giving life in the midst of the suffering? (If nothing comes to mind, keep watching. God doesn’t let pain have the final word against his people.)


Job 38:1-18
Job 42:1-6

Question 4

As you review today’s passage, make a list of the specific things that God controls. What thoughts or feelings do you experience as you think about God’s powerful works?

Question 5

Review your list. If Job couldn’t do or understand these things, how could he begin to understand God’s judgments? Read Job’s response to God’s speech (Job 42:1-6). When have you been confronted with your own limitations in a way that humbled you?

Question 6

When Job says he will “despise himself and repent” (Job 42:1-6), he’s not saying he will hate himself or that he is worthless to God. The Hebrew word used here can also be translated as “refuse.” Job is saying that he will refuse his own limited judgments in order to trust God’s infinite knowledge. What has it looked like for you (or others) to humbly trust God’s understanding in the midst of suffering?

Question 7

Turn your reflections into a prayer. Express your awe of God’s power and understanding of the world he created. Pray for the healing and comfort of others you know who are suffering now.

Bible Study: How God Replies to Job’s Suffering