Psalm 23

Sunday Worship: March 29, 2020

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So, our world changed.

My 8th grade social studies teacher used to tell me, “Bobby, you have a fine grasp of the obvious!”

She didn’t say this to be rude, but to point out that I have fairly underwhelming way of pointing out big things that are obvious to everyone. Such as, “So, our world has changed.”

At the start of Lent, none of us saw this new world of social distancing, online everything, and learning that Wuhan, China, is the Las Vegas of the Far East.

So, our world has changed…

But what does that mean for us, the church?

It means this is when God is calling us to really be the church!

This means we are called to:

Have faith in God.
Trust in His peace.
Respond to the needs of the people we see around us.
Continue to meet (even if it’s virtually).

And there is something else God is calling us to do during this time… and it is completely obvious…

He is calling us to rest…

To let him lead us to lay down and rest by trusting Him.

In the next two weeks, sermons will be from our old friend, Psalm 23.

This week, the obvious is calling out to us as we learn how to really rest…

Next week, we’re going to a new look at our old friend… And perhaps see how this beloved Psalm might be hiding a secret gem…