February 2020 sermon series

February 2020 Sermon Series

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Sermon Series: Sent – The Apostles of Jesus

Jesus had his inner circle of friends. We call them the apostles.

They includes names like Peter, Matthew, James, John, and others.

They includes heroes of the Christian faith.

But before they were heroes, they were just normal people with normal jobs. They were people like you and me.

What can these friends of Jesus, his apostles, show us about faith and the kind of people God uses to change the world?

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to look into the lives of the apostles to see what made them so great, and how they are not too different from us.

February 2

Peter: The Not So Perfect Saint

Matthew 4:17-20

February 9

Andrew: The Best Supporting Actor

John 1:35-42

February 23

James and John: The Boisterous Brothers

Matthew 17:1-9